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T Spot Sushi & Tea Bar

Interesting experience…we were the only two people in the restaurant, perhaps just a slow night.  However, it was quaint, relaxing, and a bit romantic in decor.  I thought the sushi was good.  It is BYOB, which who doesn’t love that.  The waiter was pleasant.  The prices were pretty standard.  I wish I would have tried their tea selection because it looked quite extensive.  Having experienced other sushi restaurants in Chicago, I would not recommend T Spot just because I feel as if you can get more for your money at other establishments (Sushi Para II, for example).  Although, if you find yourself in the Northcenter neighborhood and are looking for a sushi restaurant, stop by and give them a try.   

3925 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60613-2428
(773) 549-4500


Palette Bistro – I wanna go!

I was walking past this restaurant a few days ago and I thought that this might just be my next venture.  When, well I couldn’t tell ya. You are just going to have to check back with me to see how it goes…

2834 N Southport Ave. (Diversey and Southport)
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 477-2565

Tango Sur

Alright, so I have a few things I need to get off my chest about this place.  After many weeks of just trying to get a table at this little Argentinian Steakhouse, I thought the wait was worth it.  The food was great, the atmosphere was very intimate (great place for a date), the wait staff was prompt and very helpful, and lastly the fact that it is BYOB was PERFECT.  However, the biggest issue I had with this joint is the fact that they don’t take reservation for 2 people…seriously, come on now!  Ok, so granted it was Friday night but we had to stop by (physically go in because you can’t call and make the reservation) around senior citizens hour which was roughly 5 o’clock to put our names on the list.  Then finally around 8 o’clock we finally sat down.  To me, that just seems like a lot of hoop jumping for a darn table.  So overall, I would definitely recommend this place but beware that you might have some waiting to do when you arrive…..

3763 North Southport Avenue Chicago, IL 60613-3718

 (773) 477-5466
Open Mon-Thu 5pm-10:30pm; Fri 5pm-11:30pm; Sat 3pm-11:30pm; Sun 12pm-11pm