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If you are not receiving medicare, steer clear of this place…seriously.  Vivere is an italian restaurant located in the heart of the theater district of Chicago.  Vivere is one of three restaurants located inside the Italian Village.  It is also the most expensive of the three as well. The decor was traditional and romantic.  The wine list was exceptional however unless you wanted to have minor debt issues, most of the wines were untouchable.  The wait staff was a bit pretentious.  Although, I have to admit the food was great.  We chose this place because it was right down the block from the Bank of America theater where we were seeing Jersey Boys. (Alittle plug for the Boys, I would most certainly encourage anyone and everyone to see them.  I was humming the songs for days.)  Had I known the theater district alittle better, I would have avoided Vivere at all costs.  

71 West Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60603-4910
(312) 332-4040