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Sushi Para II

Fish anyone? All you can eat? BYOB? Easy on the wallet? Really…is there such place? Why yes there is and it is called Sushi Para II.  It is located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago.  I have ventured to this place quite a few times to par take in the all you eat lunch and dinner special.  The dinner special runs roughly $20.00, which isn’t bad, especially for all you can eat.  I know what you must be thinking, the quality of fish can not be that great. Well honestly I would have to say you are wrong!  The fish quality is well above par.  The roll selection given in the special is excellent.  The atmosphere is great.  The wait staff is helpful, however, there has been the occasional mix up with forgetting to bring out my beloved edamame.  But since I was already stuffed from all the other great food, I didn’t mind.  Oh and yes I can’t forget to mention my favorite…it is BYOB.  On another positive note, the restaurant finally just opened up the basement portion of the establishment thus making the wait on a Friday night not as unbearable.  As I am discovering here in Chi-town, they to do not take reservations for parties of 2, which I think is just unfortunate.  So if you are in the area or even if you aren’t I would recommend giving this Chi-town eatery a try!

2256 N. Clark Street
(between Grant Pl & Sedgwick St)
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 477-3219